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Dj taga

DJ / Producer / Composer

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SQUARE ENIXのオムニバス作品 「Airship Cruise Beats 」にアレンジャーとして参加し、ファイナルファンタジーや聖剣伝説といった日本を代表するゲームミュージックのアレンジを手掛けた。




He has DJ experience at many clubs and live houses in and outside of Niigata Prefecture, as well as at events hosted by J-League Albirex Niigata and radio appearances on FM Niigata, and is also active as a trackmaker and producer.


Based on his vast musical experience as a DJ, he produces mainly dance music. He also produced "GHOST," one of the representative works of USU, a rapper representing Niigata.

He participated in SQUARE ENIX's omnibus work "Airship Cruise Beats" as an arranger, and has arranged some of Japan's most popular game music such as Final Fantasy and Seiken Densetsu.


As a producer who can express himself with subtlety and is close to the core of the artist, he is developing works that will spread throughout the world.

He will continue to develop works that will spread their wings around the world.

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